We offer our customers various surface finishes. These include, for example, chamber-drying of cut timber.

Eigelshoven has no fewer than five computer-controlled artificial-drying chambers at its disposal. These are designed to reproduce a constantly-mild climate conducive to the drying, at tightly-controlled moisture levels, of the carefully-stacked timber. Timber treated in this way is characterised by its low moisture content (< 20%), high level of dimensional stability and low tendency to split.

The company Gebr. Eigelshoven KG is a manufacturer of IPPC-HT-compliant timber products registered in accordance with ISPM no. 15. This enables us to handle wood for packing purposes in accordance with the relevant regulations. Tannalising and immersion-impregnation processes ensure that our timber products are both weather-resistant and able to withstand blue-stain, rot and mildew.