1887   Gottfried Eigelshoven starts manufacturing wooden clogs
  The clog factory is enlarged by the addition of a sawmill and a cereal mill
1940   The company acquires its first bandsaw
1961   Karl Eigelshoven is engaged as CEO
1966   Change of the firm’s designation to Limited Partnership Company
1968   Founding of Eigelshoven + Co. SPRL in Belgium, and of the Eigelshoven + Co. warehouse operation
1982   Rolf Eigelshoven joins the company
1988   Frank Eigelshoven joins the company
1992   Rolf und Frank Eigelshoven become managing partners
1992   Founding of the company HOTEG Holztechnik GmbH
2000   The sawmill dating from 1982 burns down
2001   The new sawmill, erected on a greenfield site, enters operation
2005   Karl Eigelshoven passes away, and his grandchildren Stephanie and Carolin Eigelshoven become managing partners
2008   After investment in an automatic sorting and stacking unit, a new edge-trimming machine, new chipping machine and profiling system allow annual sawmill output to be increased to 200,000 fm per year
2011   The old mill building, constructed after the war, was blasted to create more embark places
2012   Carolin Eigelshoven starts her studies at Mosbach. So she's the 5th generation which quests to join our company