Woodworking products



Three-ply plywood can he used without an official permit (BAZ)

  • Type of wood: fir (details of larch and Douglas fir available on request)
  • Adhesive-bonded with melamine and phenol resins
  • Range of application: Woodworking material: 100 as per DIN 68 800-2
  • Panel qualities A/C, B/C and C/C as per DIN EN 13 017-1
  • Blunt edges (N & F possible)
  • Surface treatment available
  • Panels in thicknesses of 13, 16, 24, 30, 35, 49 mm can likewise be supplied


  • Different types of plywood for different applications:
    Veneered plywood for weight-bearing and rigid structures made of wood (BFU 100)
    Concrete formwork (plywood for concrete, film-covered)
    Material for use in vehicle construction (serigraphy panels)
  • Blunt edges

OSB - flat-pressed panels

OSB - Flat-pressed panels with official approval from building inspectors

  • A choice three different panel types:
    Standard with blunt edges, laying panel, 4-sided with groove and tongue    Roof panel, 2-sided with groove and tongue
  • 2 different surfaces ground and natural

Chipboard - flat-pressed panels

Chipboard - flat-pressed panels V100

  • Laying panel V 100 as per DIN 68 763
  • 4-sided, tongue and groove
  • Formaldehyde-free F0